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67 lbs

Patty is a high energy young dog, happy go lucky, tail always wagging with a natural bounce in her step.

Patty stands 23 inches at the shoulder is 22 from shoulder to rump, is 28" to the top of her head. She weighs in about 67#

Patty has a great personality wants to be right next to you all the time, great couch dog.....

She has a long slender build on a thin moderate frame.

She likes to bark a little when excited but that will go away as she matures this summer.

She carries that same energy out into the field bouncing through the tall grass and busting through the heavy cattails.

Patty was pointing her first year out, she has a good nose and retrieves very well

She can hold her own right along our best dogs in the field she has a very bright future at Pheasant City




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